At the palace, there were many objects like Milk tablets.Milk tablets are like candy that tastes like milk. Lots of people like it. But for me it tastes…..ok.There were also some milk bottles. Yellow bottles are for some school. Blue bottles are for sale. Also at the Palace, I saw some people making hand gel. The hand gel helps people if they have dirty hands. There were also growing plants and selling honey’s.  Honey is important and the bee’s make it.

I thik that Sharing finite resourses with other living things was the most that matched this field trip because they can not take all honey from the bee’s. They can not have all the cows in the world. And they can not have all the milk from the cows.

I want to know about:

How they get honey from the bee’s.

How they make milk tablets when milk if liquid.

And what is the hand gel made from?

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