Tanya’s Reflection on Chitralada Palace!


Today  the whole of year 6 classes went to the Chitralada Palace. We all went to see some of his Majesties project and which helped us all to learn about them. Some of the projects we saw were Chakoal factory,  Paper factory, Mushroom factory, Rice factory, Dairy factory and many more. In the projects we saw many interesting things. We saw staff working really hard and producing products such as charcoal, milk tablets and lots more.

I think that the people in thailand would be very happy on all the interesting projects that the king as made.i think the Communities and the relationships between is connected to what i saw today which is teamwork between the staffs. They were working together to get their job finished and they working in a good and sensible way.

Three questions i would ask the king if i ever met him!

where do you get your  inspiration yor your projects from??

How do people speak to you when they want you to do something?

Are you planning to change the world more like adding a spice into thailand and the world?

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