My turtle is small,

so it went to the mall.

 He brought a fish,

and a made a wish.

 The turtle was grumpy,

so he went to hungry.

 He ate a small  gum,

and had lots of fun!

 The turtle had lots of guts,

so he made a big hut. 

 He went to have a leep,

and went to sleep.

 All alone in the darkness there was that checky little turtle.


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One Response to “Mr.Turtle-Amrita”

  1. 17vishukam Says:

    Your poem was a short one; simple clear and also sweet….. I liked the way you made your poem kind of funny because that is what makes it entertaining to read for a reader. I think that reading your poem was a great experience because I have not read funny poems since a long time.

    Great writing!

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