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Exhibition *4

March 31, 2010


What did I achieve today?

Today in class my group went down to interview and ask some of the year 7 students in NIST it was tiring because some students didn’t answer. We had to miss some unit time in class. We interview about 60 people already at first we only decided to do the year 7 but some didn’t answer because some didn’t answer so we just decided to do the year 6 too.

What are some new things I learned today?

Today in unit time I learned a lot from Mr. Adrian Watts because at first that I just thought that economy was just all about money but I was wrong actually it is sharing human resources in an economic way like sharing resources to other countries.

List several sources?

  • Year 7 students
  • Year 6 students
  • Surveys
  • Brain
  • Books


How did I find them?

At first My group and I was thinking of questions to ask the year sevens and we used the question sorter as our helping tool after that we went to survey people. Today Fah went to the library to get books and she got one book for our group about cyber bullying and I read a bit of it, it was great.

In what ways did they change what I was thinking or what I knew about the topic?

Sometimes people’s answers when I went to survey people it was kind of different of what I was thinking most people bully each other online because they thinks it’s fun and people like to bully. Some people get bullied online because maybe sometimes they’re a new student of they can’t speak English.

What are some new questions I have now about what you learned today?

  1. Is it really possible to have a law against cyber bullying?
  2. Do most people get cyber bullied by the people they no or the people they don’t know?
  3. What actually does cyber bulling mean?


What is my plan for the next few days?

Our plans for the next few days are try to get some more surveys for other. Getting ready for the video that we are going to make. After the Song Karn holidays.


Aries 🙂 🙂


Exhibition By Fah

March 31, 2010

Today I was supposed to interview Mr. Sam but he was busy so I didn’t get to interview him. But instead of worrying about not getting to interview Mr. Sam I got a lot of information from the books that I got from the library the books I got were ‘Dealing with crime’ and ‘Punishment in crime’ these books were really helpful because I found a lot of information. The things that I learned were that in theft and robbery in Australia was 30% and Japan and Finland were only 15% that really amazed me.

The questions that just got up to I was

What are the graph / population of each crime in each country?

So after this question that I have I can actually make a graph that tells how much crime is caused in each country.

 I wrote my books down into noodlebib so my noodlebib is now up to date.

So the sources that I used so far are:

  1. Books
  2. Email
  3. Ted talks

I am really looking forward into interview the police and Mr. Patrick in the upcoming days.


March 31, 2010

i went to a guest speker today. it was georgia` s mother.
she talked about endangerd animals but not bout marine animals.
it was fun but didnt get any information that i can use.
i will like to try to end the story cove by tommorow


March 31, 2010

Today I interveiwed Khun Bo the property manger about garbage at NIST.

We also source our information on the noodle bib. We also went in to the wikipedia again and then we found out that incarnation ( burning garbage) is on of the good way to get rid of garbage, but the problem with incarnating is that it makes green house gass and is the cause of climate change.

From our interview we found out that Khun Bo thinks that incarnation is not a good way to get rid of garbage. NIST’s waste is seperate wet garbage and dry garbage. The garbage collecter comes at 4 oclock in the morning and collects it. The garbage then goes to a recycle factory.

These are my questions.

  • Does waste recycled factory uses all of the waste.?
  • How much does a landfill cost to build?

If anybody thinks they know the answer for this to question please give me your idea. It would help us alot in exhibition


March 31, 2010

Today my group and I did a lot of work,

We started choosing our five questions to research about and also we researched a little bit.

What did I achieve?

Today I achieved a lot I started to concentrate and do much more work then these few days. The things that I achieved were starting researching and choosing five questions.

Guest speakers

Today they were two guest speakers Ms. Ashley and Mr. Adrian they talk to us about economics and well-being. I learnt a lot more then what I knew about these two topics before.

Goals for the next few days:

Not fight with group members

concentrate more

research mainly about the question which were written


March 31, 2010

Today, my group and I went to 6AR’s presentation and heard Mr. Steve’s Presentation sort of like a TED talk. It was quite surprising what I learnt today about slavery and child labor.  One of the things that I was surprised was that out of nearly 7 billion people in the world, 1 billion live less than 30B a day and 2 billion people in the world live with 30B to 60B a day. When I heard that, it was quite shocking that nearly half of the population cannot have access to medical care, food, water, education and all the other Basic Needs. I also learnt that 27million people out of that 3 billion people are slaves. 

 From Mr. Steve I heard that he talked to this lady who had been working as a worker for an awful job. She had 11 other sisters and brothers and her family lived with less than 30B a day. She was looking for jobs and one day, some one came up to her and told her that she will be given a job to make clothes and she was asked to work for 8 hours a day and she was asked to work 5 days a week. Mr. Steve told me that she was going to be payed 1 dollar per hour. To the lady, it sounded a good deal and when I heard that from Mr. Steve, it sounded very good for her and her family. But then, when she was taken away and reached the place, the company told her that the lady has to pay the transportation fees, which cost 2,500 dollars. Mr. Steve told me that since she was poor and had no money, she had to work for that money and pay back the money to the company. So the lady made only a little bit of profit working there for 6 years…

I felt very sorry for her, I was shocked and I felt really angry of the company that took the lady away for what it sounded like a good deal.  I think the lady was quite shocked too. I was very angry about slavery and I think there should be no slavery at all since were all same humans and I think that tricking people who really needs a job is not a good idea at all.

Now, I have some questions to ask Mr. Steve:

  1. What happened to the lady afterwards? Did she quit or did any one helped her?
  2. Why did slavery become a global issue again when it became illegal 200 years ago?
  3. Why did people even thought of slavery and use people as their slaves?

Some sources that I used and will use for my exhibition are:

  1. Guest Speakers (Primary source)
  2. Books (Secondary source)
  3. Encyclopedia (Secondary source)
  4. Surveys (Primary and Secondary source)
  5. Interviews (Primary source)
  6. Ask
  7. Think Quest
  8. Some good search engines from Y3 Ms. Sita’s Wiki Page

My Plans for the next few days is that I will invite my mom as a guest speaker to talk to us about child education and Poverty since she works at UNESCO. I will also interview Mr. Adrian Watts and other people from the education side. On friday, my group and I are going to the Khlong Toey Slum so I might interview people living in the slum.

Exhibition 2- Dianne

March 31, 2010
  • What did I achieve today?

Today my group and I achieved in writing all the questions down and separating it into the 4 sections. We also pick out the 5 main questions and wrote it into the ‘we will inquire sheet’. We also wrote our 5 main questions into the primary resources and the secondary resources sheet. Today my group and I also had a guest speaker about endangered species, and I wrote down some notes.  My group also achieved in going down to the library and finding books about endangered animals to gather information together. We got many books and we are now trying to write our notes down to answer our 5 main questions.

  • What are some new things I learned today?

Today I learned many new things from the guest speaker, Mrs. Sandra. I learned that trading animals cost really expensive and also China is the country that kills the most animals. China kills the most animals because they think that it will make their body get healthier and also some animals are a type of medicine. I learned some new animals that are endangered too. I also learned that when people are travelling to take the animals to another country to sell them, they use many ways to hide the animals but mostly they get caught.

  • List several sources? Comment by each:
  1. Books
  2. Interview
  3. Internet/Netvibes

How did I find them?

For interview, Georgia is in my group and she said that her mum also knows about endangered species so then Mr. Chris invited her here. For books and internet teachers told us it was a good way to find information.

In what ways did they change what I was thinking or what I knew about the topic?

It change my thinking by first I thought that trading animals is really cheap but then I just knew that trading animals are really expensive.

  • What are some new questions I have now about what you learned today? (there is always  something)

My question is, how could we educate people about endangered species?

  • What is my plan for the next few days?

For the next few days I think that my group would gather a lot of information and then we might answer some questions.

Exhibition By: Sanjana:)

March 31, 2010

What did I achieve today?

Today I achieved to do some more research about my topic because it has been a few days since I haven’t spent time so much of my time on researching. This is what I achieved today.

What did you learn today?

Today I learnt that Poverty, Education and Hunger is also a huge problem                   in Thailand not just in some countries. I also learnt that Thailand is making a school for people who are unqualified.

What are some questions I have about what I learnt today?

My question is how long does it tke to build a school and how much       students study in one school.

What are your plans for the next few days?

My plan for the next few days are to focus more on Thailand and how Thailand is trying to develop this country for people  who are starving, unqualified and poor.

What were your sources that you used?

Today my sources were….

  1. The guest speaker Mr. Steve
  2. books
  3. the internet
  4. interviews


March 31, 2010

WHAT I DID TODAY: Today my group and I managed to interview some year sevens. We were meant to interview around 33 people each but some year sevens would not answer us. So I interviewed around 24. We also managed to make some good questions for the interviews.

WHAT DID I LEARN TODAY: Today I learned that economy is not just about money but also about resources. I also learnt that not that much year seven bullied and that not everyone wants a law against cyber bullying.

Will year six kids bully more than year seven?
Are the year seven lieing to us ?
Why do people feel good or happy when they bully people on Facebook?

Some books that Fah gave us

My goal for the rest of the week is to finnish the interviews for year six.


March 31, 2010

Today I achieved making specific questions and then choosing the five most important. We are also thinking what we will ask the people in slums about how they live and what they do. We will probably talk to people who live there and people who are helping there.

Today I learned that economics is not only about money it is also about sustainability and using resources in a way that doesn’t help in the short-term but helps later.

I wonder what people who live in the slums do all day and if they are lazy or they try to work really hard.

Over the next few days My group and I will be finding some answers to the questions we made and setting up some interviews with people who would have and area of expertise in.