The Big Picture by Fah


Here is the BIG picture!

7 Responses to “The Big Picture by Fah”

  1. Mr Chris Says:

    I wonder if this one is a forest and perhpas one with pine trees. Perhaps this one is in Japan. It looks quite dark and there is moss growing on some of the tree so it must be somewhere where it rains a fair bit.

  2. 17adityam Says:

    I think this is just a heap of broken branches. This is probably in a forest. Maybe a rainforest as the roots are kind of muddy so it must be raining a lot.

  3. 17erikao Says:

    I am sure that is a tree. But i don’t know whats in the big picture. Maybe a forest like Mr Chris said but who knows. It might be a magical world picture.

    • 17fahs Says:

      Erika my big picture is really close to what you said ” magical world ”
      but this picture is in real life.

  4. Ryoga Says:

    It is an eagles or a falcons nest

  5. 17atichaw Says:

    Actually I knew it before sorry because Sanjana told me it. You choose a really nice and good photo but really hard to guess.

    :(:(:( :):):):) :(:(:(:( :):):):

  6. 17towm Says:

    Its weird


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