The Big Picture


5 Responses to “The Big Picture”

  1. 17fahs Says:

    I think that this is part of a cruise boat. like the really top or maybe a war ship but i don’t really think so. I am sure it is part of a boat becasuse the background is the sky but i might be wrong.

    Fah 🙂

  2. 17alexanderm Says:

    I think this is a cruise boat or a war ship because of the speakers on top and the lights. If this was a cruise ship I think it would be quite expensive. I wonder where this is going. I think this is a pretty big cruise ship because the top looks pretty big.

  3. 17alexanderm Says:

    When I was given the big picture I was amazed at how big it really is. It is actually a cruise ship. It must really be expensive.

  4. 17fahs Says:

    The picture that you posted was really a cruise ship. wow it is really big though. i wonder how much the cruise ship is cost.


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