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Sachin Tendulkar

February 27, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar made 200 runs. He made ODI history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Against south africa india made over 400 runs altogether.

Prezi Style – due soon

February 16, 2010

So you all know by now we are looking for the best Prezi out there. It is due this Friday. I have already seen some great submissions so keep them coming.
The Competition

  • Design a presentation using
  • It can be on any topic
  • Can be any length
  • Obviously needs to be appropriate for a school audience
  • Due: Friday February 19th (latest at 2.30)
  • Submit via email to
  • You could use these ideas as inspiration

Good luck and remember to keep it simple, clear and to the point.

Zoltan’s Presentation about Organisation

February 15, 2010

Today we heard how Zoltan organises his life whilst he was working as a journalist  and now when he is working for .

What do you think was his main message?

Why was it so important for Zoltan to be organised?

What are some tips you got from Zoltan to help you be organised and therefore successful?

Leave a comment to tell us your opinion….

Google Earth – Liquid Galaxy

February 12, 2010

Watch this to see the lastest thing from Google Earth – It’s amazing.

Leave a comment to tell us what you think!

Robyn Treyvaud

February 12, 2010

You have just seen and heard a very powerful presentation by Robyn Treyvaud about “Cyberbullying”.

Use this posting to make comments to tell us what her presentation made you:

  • think about
  • feel
  • talk about
  • regret
  • wonder about
  • decide to do
  • remember
  • take action on
Photograph from

Compass Competition

February 11, 2010
View this document on Scribd

Here are the details for our latest competition. See Mr CHris if you have any questions.

Mr C

Homework 10.2.10 – Presentation Feedback

February 10, 2010

Today we watched a good number of our class’s presentations about NIST. We gave the presenters feedback about their presentations and in what ways they could improve.

Your task is to leave a COMMENT listing your top 5 suggestions for people presenting to an audience. This should reflect the type of feedback that you heard after our presentations today. Feel free to comment about other people’s comments.

In addition to this, as we didn’t get to maths today, please log-on and spend a solid 20-25 minutes on Mathletics. If possible look at equivalent fractions.

Trip to Bangkok University By Fah

February 9, 2010

The piece of Art I choose was the restraunt one I like this one because the letters where the alphabet. Also when you looked closely you couldn’t really read the sign because your eyes are more focusing on the detail more than the letters but when you move back you can see more of the picture. I don’t think that this poster doesn’t really have a message but if it had maybe it was the sentence on the poster: What Happens in a Restraunt.

I thinkt the most attractive one was the sushi I think that it was attractive becasue the background is white and the sushi is bright so that is eye catching and also the way they made the sushi with wool was also really catching becasue it makes you wonder more about what it is acually made of.

I really liked this field trip because we saw things that we don’t see in our daily lives and we also got to see the ceramic pots and pans made 100 – 2000 years already. I really enjoyed this trip.

Fah 🙂

Kira’s Trip to Bangkok University

February 9, 2010

When I heard that we were going to a museum I thought it would be boring because usually at museums you cant touch anything you are only allowed to look.
At this museum it was more exciting because you could watch things, you could touch some thngs and there even was an excibition there so we could play games.
My favorite part of the museum was the exsibition on MK and the touching corner. I didnt really enjoy the exsibition of the winner about something because you coulnt really do anything. I could go on touching the objects at the touching corner for ages because I felt really sparkly when I touched them it was differnt from all the other times I touched fragile objects.
My favorite was the sushi as I said but I didnt really get the message of the four sushis.

Marvin’s Trip to Bangkok University

February 9, 2010

It was a new experiece for me to find out about posters that had won award.

My favourite piece was the poster with the word ‘Something Happened in the Restraunt’. The poster was interseting becuase it was made from pictures. I think the message might be that information can be looked from anywhere like from far away we can see the words but if we are close it can be a story. The problem with the picture was the letters wasn’t that clear. The mueseums with fars and all the artifacts was intersting. The way they lined up all there things was very neat.