Marvin News- Poland Refuses to get swine flu vaccine


In Poland the goverment refuses to order swine flu vaccines because they said that the vaccine may contain chemicals that might effect there citizens. The goverment doesn’t even accept the swine flu when the 145 people died cause of swine flu. The international organization about medicines are telling the Poland goverment that about 150 million people got the shot and there was no side effects like making someone even more sick. There was theories that drug companies made the swine flu and told the world health organzation to spread news that it was good so they can get rich. Another they didn’t accept it because no one important died because of swine flu.

My opinion:

 I think Poland shoul accept it because many people died even if important people didn’t died. I don’t believe in the theorys. I think 150 million people who took the shot was a proof of now side effects.

2 Responses to “Marvin News- Poland Refuses to get swine flu vaccine”

  1. 17adityam Says:

    I agree with you Marvin. Poland should pay to keep its citizens healthy. I think sot he excuses Poland is making aren’t good enough to support them.

  2. Marvin Goldstein | On the bit Says:

    […] Marvin News- Poland Refuses to get swine flu vaccine « 6CB@NIST 0 Comments Digg It Reddit Stumble Upon Continue Reading […]

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