Haiti quake creates thousands of new orphans by Sanjana


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 This article tells about the sad situation of tens of thousands of children who have become orphans due to the earthquake that struck Haiti. Many children are still on the streets, and some are in orphanages. Haiti already had 380,000 orphans before the earthquake because it suffered from many natural disasters such as hurricanes, storms and floods. Many international groups and countries like USA and Netherlands are trying to help these children by getting them adopted or letting them stay in their countries. The UN is starting groups to protect the orphans in Haiti. Right now, many orphans are in hospitals and no one knows who they are or if their parents are alive!

I think this situation is heartbreaking.I can’t imagine my life without my parents. I feel really sad for them, but I am very happy to know that so many people are concerned about these children. They are trying to help them by giving them new places and homes to live in. I hope these children have good lives and are happy and safe.

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