Haiti Earth Quake – Mari


On January 12th 2010, a 7.0 earth quake hit Haiti. The hospital collapsed and people were screaming for help. Also many other buildings and homes were damaged. Don Blakeman an analyst at the USGS in Golden Colorado had said ” We excpect more after shocks because this is a large, shallow earth quake.” After one day, they found out that 14 United Nations people were killed and more that 150 people were missing in Haiti. Haiti earth quake created thousands of new orphans.

I think this is a real serious problem. I think its a natural disaster so no one was bad, but this earth quake killed hundreds of people with the after shocks too. I feel very bad for who lost their family. I think Don Blakeman was really right because there had been an after shock. The earth quake created thousands of new orphans and I think we should help Haiti and so people who are still alive could stay alive.


One Response to “Haiti Earth Quake – Mari”

  1. Ranvir Says:

    There was an after shock at 6.3

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