Yoshikaze’s organize poster

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5 Responses to “Yoshikaze’s organize poster”

  1. 17williamj Says:

    I really like the picture yo used. The picture is very eye cathing and the colours are very good. I don’t really understand the words you used

  2. 17alexanderm Says:

    I liked what you wrote because it is quick to read and it is catchy. The colours stand out and the picture looks cool.

  3. 17sanjanap Says:

    I liked your poster as it is really interesting. I think you chose a good picture. The wheel is our life that runs really well when we are organized. The font and the color you used stand out too.

  4. 17tanyaa Says:

    I really like your poster it is very intresting and eye catching. The message tells us that being organized can help our lives move smoother and faster.Your poster and your message both stand out really well.

  5. Mr Chris Says:

    Great Poster, great design, great wording….fantastic effort! I really like the way the words fit around the wheel. The messgae is very clear to me – I’m not sure why William didn’t get it, Tanya definitely understands.
    Perhpas you could use a different font that stood out a bit more. It’s a great effort Yoshikaze.

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