How to be Organised at School by: William Niphan Vishuka & Ryoga


Organize all of your materials, books, notebooks, etc.

Colour code- Use a colour coding system to show what materials, books, notebooks, ect you need for each class.

Use a notebook to write what homework or assessments you have and also show what day it’s due.

Organize all your books, notes, handouts, flashcards, study-guides, outlines, etc.

Plan Ahead – Make a list of what must be one to be ready for school.

 Notes- Write notes to study for exams or tests. Use checklists- Use a” to-do” list.

 Checklists can be used to list assignments and household chores and to remind children to bring appropriate materials to class.

 It is recommended that children keep a small pad or notebook dedicated to listing homework assignments.

 Crossing completed items off the list will help children feel a sense of accomplishment.

Keep a master calendar- Keep a large wall-sized calendar for the household that lists the family’s commitments, schedules for extracurricular activities, days off from school and major events at home and at school.

 Note dates when your children have big exams or due dates for projects.

This will help family members keep track of each other’s activities and avoid scheduling conflicts.

 Agenda- notebook to help you keep track of what you need to do.

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