Group Organisation Reflection- William

  • How did your group work as a team to discuss and organise how you will allocate people to look at the different resources. 
  • In my group we spilt ourselfs into pairs and one pair looked  at the websites and one pair watched the videos.

  •  Did your group do this fairly so you would all finish at around the same time.
  • In our group some people didnt do what they where sopposed to do otherwise we would finnish this together.

  • Did your group organise how all members of the group would collect the information so that it could be shared with the group. What tools did you use?(if any)
  • In our groups we noted down all our notes on a microsoft word documentthan combined it.

  • When the entire group had collected their information, did you discuss how you were going to share the information?
  • We sent the word document via e-mail and then combined the word documents.

  • How did you come up with your list?
  • We read the word document and decided which thing was inportant and which where not.

  • How did your instruction sheet help you to achieve your goal?
  • The instruction sheet told us what we need to do and where to get the information,

  • Do you think that your team worked in an organised manner? Why/Why not?
  • I think everybody except one person worked very well. That person didnt work well because he kept messing aroun and didnt do what he was sapposed to do.

  • What did this activity help you to understand about organisation?
  • That there are many ways to be organised.

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