Being Organised for School Wordle


Here is the Wordle for your lists of things to keep you organised at school. Make a comment …..does it reflect what your group found out.

21 Responses to “Being Organised for School Wordle”

  1. 17towm Says:

    I think the word book and homework is big because school is about books and homework. Getting organize for school is included books and homework. I think the organizing things for me is to make a checklist. My group also got many things about books and homework

  2. 17adityam Says:

    I think the words books and homework are big because at school we have many books and homework. I think at school I need to organize my basket as it is very messy.

  3. 17emmar Says:

    I think that books and home work are in big because they are imporatant things also because many peaple mention these things. These things are very important for school and our learning.

  4. 17marik Says:

    I agree that books, assigments , Use and home work are in big words because they are most thing that we do in/from school as a ‘Home Work’ . I think they are important for our learning because books, we can learn to read and write from them, home work is for us to work also at home not only at school which gives us more resposbility and assigments and use, they are what we do in school. It kind of reflects on what my group found out. I think it is because HOME WORK and ASSIGMENTS are some of the kinds of things that is related to being organized and responsibility.

  5. 17georgiap Says:

    I think BOOKS was the most used because people use BOOKS alot to help them organise their papers and things like that so it is easier to find things, so many people used that word alot

  6. 17rayishts Says:

    i think the words books and homework were used a lot because in school we have lots of books and homework. At school i have some things to get organized but the main thing is my basket was is is messy and papers are not in folders.

  7. 17williamj Says:

    I wonder why the word time is so small. I wonder that because of you don’t use your time properly than how can you be organised. I agree that the word book is big because books helps you to be organised/

  8. 17alexanderm Says:

    I agree that the word book is the biggest because if you don’t have any books it is hard to do work without it. I wonder why papers is a bit smaller than the others because a lot of paper can make you very messy.

  9. 17narisal Says:

    I think the word ‘book’ and ‘homework’ is big because these words appear the most and they are the most thing we do at school, and for homework when we go to school we always get homework for us to have more responsibility. I also think that these words appear a lot because in my group I always use this word and these words are like things we use school.

  10. 17lilyt Says:

    All the words that me and my group put in our list i was able to find in the wordle. Some words on the wordlle that are big is HOMWORK and BOOKS, These words are big because they are an important part of being organised. The word TIME is small becaues not much people thought about the time when they were making a list.

  11. 17sanjanap Says:

    A big part of learning organization starts in school where we learn to be responsible and organize our homework and other assignments. This is represented in the large words Wordle. This Wordle also reminds us that organization also includes keeping our belongings in place and managing our time well.

  12. 17niphans Says:

    I think that the word BOOK is the biggest because without books it’s hard to work because you have different books for different subjects .It’s easier with books and if you use papers you waste time at your home because you have to organize what paper is for each subject.

  13. 17atichaw Says:

    I think that words like BOOKS, HOMEWORK, ASSINGMENTS are supposed to be big becuase right now in year 6 we are lernoing about organizations and using many many of those three words. This info really reflects on our group and what we’ve found out.

    • 17erikao Says:

      I also think that BOOKS, HOMEWORK, ASSINGMENTS were in big because they are inportant but I would of thought that HOMEWORK was more inportant because reading is your homework.

  14. 17tanyaa Says:

    We are learning how to be organized and words like ‘homework’, ‘assignments’, ‘books’ and so on are an important part of being organized in school. Some other words like ‘time’, ‘materials’ etc. are not things we think of as much as the other things.This Wordle helps us to understand that they are many ways in which we can learn the importance of being organized.


  15. 17vishukam Says:

    I think that the words books, homework and assignments are the biggest because they are mostly used when it comes to education at school. Wordle is an great place to visit on the internet and to have a play around with some words.


  16. 17yoshikazek Says:

    I think the word `Use` is big because we always use tools. I also thought why the word date was small because dates are important to know the due dates.

  17. 17kirab Says:

    I think the word ‘book’ and ‘homework’ appear the most because those were the most words that people used for their lists. I thought the word ‘date’ should have been more bigger because in class when we were going around talking about what things might keep us organized most a big amount of people said calenders, scheadule books, notebooks and things like that.

    I think wordle is a great way to show the people how much people use of each word.

  18. 17marvini Says:

    I think the word book and homework appeared most often because when we organised we need to do homework in our books. I think the word book shouldn’t have appeared often because books is something we organise not use it as a tool for organisng except it is a notebook.

  19. 17amritas Says:

    I think the word books means alot because if we don’t have books how are we going to read or learn. I think Home Work even means alot. Home work helps us learn or study, with out them what can we do?

  20. 17kabirk Says:

    I think books and homework are one of the biggest because we read books and get homework every day. We also wont be able to find alot of information for our projets or assignments.

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