Being Organized-Mari


Being ORGANIZED is very important.

My desk used to be very dirty with piles and piles of papers. I couldn’t do my homework on my desk and always used to do it on the dining table. So on the last day of school in year 5, I decided to clean my table up from the mess.

First, I got ready with all my files, cases and used shoeboxes to use. Then I put the shoe box lid in my desk’s drawer and supperated the corners for valuables stuff and the pens and pencils. So the table got rid with the pen and pencils that was lying everywhere. Next, I named all the files and cases to put the piles of papers in. I put them by the file and cases’s topics and IT was ALL DONE! My table was clean!

Now, I try to put stationaries back to where it belongs and papers too after I use them… So one period of time, it is real hard work, but after that, you just have to keep on following the rules you made and YOU’LL HAVE THE LUCK!

Being Organized between Taking Responsibility is connected because the more you have to take responsibility, its more you have to be organize.

This Can change through people’s life because when you are a baby, you have less responsibility which means you don’t really need to be organized. But as you get older, you will have to take more responsibility for your self with being much more organized.

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