Being Organised Fah


I Organise my room and only 1 person was involved in this and that was my mother she helped me clean my room when it was messy. What was difficult was when I already finished cleaning up I had some troubles with putting the things back to normal. So now I sometimes make my room messy but I try my best to put it back to it’s spot. The tools that I used was shelves and drawers and I put my Papers and homework in it. I didn’t use any of my skills except for trying to keep my room tidy and staying the as when I just finished cleaning the room up. The cleaning took me about 2 days to finish because my things was in different spaces. I still don’t think it became a success because sometimes I still put things away quickly so it might still be in the wrong spot.

I think the difference between taking responsibility and being organised is that being responsible is when someone tells you to do something and you do that thing without forgetting and that is taking a responsibility. being organised is when you to know what you are doing when or not forgetting to do something. but i also think that be responsible and being organised is kind of the same because both you will need to do what you are told or you know when to do things.

this would change in a life time because as you grow older and you know your rights and wrongs you will have more responsibility and you would be more organised so they would sort of work as a team the responsibility and the organisation.

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