Sanjana- Organization Provocations


We don’t need to be organised…

I disagree with this statement because I have learnt that if one is not organised, they are going to be careless and irresponsibile. When we are organised, we are more aware of  what is happening around us. Giving us more control over what we do, and knowing where, and how things are meant to be done.

You can’t learn to be organised – you’re born that way

I also disagree with this provocation, because I feel that we can learn to be organised only if we are interested and put effort into the process. With a little bit of hard work and a little bit of  focus our mind can be trained to be organised. Being organised is a skill that everybody can learn and make use of it in our daily life.



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4 Responses to “Sanjana- Organization Provocations”

  1. 17vishukam Says:

    i totally agree with every word you mentioned because I also think that being organized is helping us being more conscious about what is around us. I also agree in the fact that being organized can change our daily life much easier than usual ( only if you are not organized.)

    keep up the impressive writing skills you have1

  2. 17erikao Says:

    I agree with every thing you said especially the secound paragraph. If we put effort in it we can do anything…. I like that line! Awsome

  3. 17tanyaa Says:

    I really like your comment that being organized makes us aware of things. Awareness helps us to understand things around us better.I also like your point about making the effort to be organized, because it is not easy. We have to keep on trying! Great Job Sanjana!

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