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Merry Chrismas!!!

December 19, 2009

Take a look at this!!

By ryoga


Online Safety & the WizzyWigs

December 15, 2009

At the beginning of this academic year we had a look at the WizzyWigs from Netsmartz. Do you remember them?

We talked about using the computer and internet responsibly.

The December break is approaching and we would like to remind you of a few things when working online.

Please remember that guidelines for behavior online are the same as anywhere else in our school community.

We would like to remind you that:

  • When you receive a message that looks like spam, you should delete this message.
  • If you are unsure about something online, please talk to an adult. This can be a teacher, guardian or parent.

To refresh your mind, have a look below at the NIST Internet agreement.

View this document on Scribd
  • What should you do when you feel unsafe online?
  • Can you give an example of when you have been responsible online?

If you would like to review the online guidelines, you can find them by clicking on this link.

Hercules beetles By Ryoga

December 10, 2009

This is a female. This is a male.

Binomial name: Dynastes hercules
Familly: The rino horned beetle

Habitat: The hercules beetle is a type of beetle mostly found in rainforests of central America, south America and in the lesser antilles(a sea around west indies).

Additudes: They are calm and harmless creachers(unless you distract\annoy them). They are the biggest and the strongest beetle. They are able to carry things 850 times hevyer than them selves. That is like me carring carring 65 Pounds!!! They change their skin more than 7 times to become an adaults from a larve.

Larva age
The first thing it will eat is its egg. After hatching form their egg they will eat its egg. This is for keeping them not hungry untill they have their first propper meal whitch is rotten leaf, wood, fruits etc whitch has turned into soil.
Adault age
They will eat rotten wood and fruits. At night some if the spicies will look for a type of liquid from fruit trees. A lot of spicies surround the rare place.

Their jaws:
The beetles have 2 different types of jaws for stages. When they are a larva they have strong jaws for biting. When they are adaults they don`t have jaws, they have toungs for licking.


December 10, 2009

Cockroach are one of the larger group of insects are found all of the earth. They are usually dark brown in color and have flattened body and a relatively small head. They have two large antennae to sense food. They have three pairs of hairy legs and they have two pairs of wings and the top one which is harder to protect the soft body inside. The second pair of wings are very light which helps them to fly. Cockroaches are the common  pest found on household things.    


Creepy creepy disgusting pest with two long sticks,

hides in a spooky wet corners and try not be seen.

When the little pest comes out of hiding,

we like to chase it down and kill it.

There a disgusting pest lying squished,

Thank God we got rid of  one.

There another pest creeps……….

By:Amrita Shirlal 6CB

Chafer beetle

December 10, 2009




 This brightly colored insect is called a chafer beetle. The adult beetle  is tan coloured and resembles a small June beetle (12 mm long). The larvae, or grubs  have a C -shaped body and brown head. Mature chafer grubs are up to 25 mm long It has got a short body which is very hairy. It has got six long legs which are brown in colour. Its legs are long compared to its body. It had got hooks at the end of its legs. They also have got two big, yellowish wings which help the insect to fly. The antennas are very short compared to the legs and grow thicker towards the end. It is difficult to imagine how these beetles fly with their bulky bodies. These insects

are poisonous.                                                


                                      Little insect By Aditya


Short and fat,

With two round eyes and moving antennae,

And six long legs,

You look so bright,

You have a green and yellow belly,

And yellow fluttering wings,

Which help you fly.

 You make me feel scared,

Because of you make me feel scared.

 Even though I have heard Chafer that you are a pest,

I still think that you are the best.


December 10, 2009

Fire ants form a raft to save themselves from water

FIRE ANTS  are one of the most dangerous and aggressive ants.  They live in colonies made up of a queen, male drones, and female workers. Fire ants have a painful sting which can cause swelling and bumps. They can adapt to any place or environment. They are also survivors. For example if lots of water enters  their nests, they will come together and form a huge ball or raft that is able to float on the water!

Fire Ants are dark reddish brown with oval bodies. Their bodies are divided into a head, thorax and abdomen. Fire ants also have three pairs of legs and  a pair of antennae.

They live in large mounds in open areas and feed on plants, seeds and even crickets. Their nests are usually made in soil near moist areas.Sometimes, their mounds are as high as 40 cm! 

Fire ants often attack small animals and kill them.When they bite, they send a poisonous sting into the bite. This sting feels like burning fire. This is why they are called fire ants!


Fiery red creatures

That have a mighty sting

In their strong towers

They rule as kings

Come rain or water

They’ll float away to safety

Stay away from these red warriors

And the dangers thay bring!!

By: Sanjana 6CB







December 10, 2009


I think this creature has many black, round spots which it is on it’s very had shell. I think it is a ladybug. The red shell looks very dark when it is near the head but it looks brighter at the back. The ladybug is sleeping. Its head is very big and it is very dark. The body of a ladybug is round like a circle but it looks like one triangle for the head and one Oval for the body. The shell of the ladybug is hard so most of the lights bounce of and we could see a bright light.

My Poem

As the bug creeps up and down

The black spots start to turn around

When it flips the shell is black

When it stands it shell is red

With a head like a an arrow

Pointing where it goes

Blocking obstacles is what it does

With its red and black shell

By: Marvin


December 10, 2009

A honey bee collecting pollen in its "baskets"


HONEY BEES are insects that live in large colonies in hives . Each colony is made up of a queen bee, male drones and female worker bees. They produce the honey we eat, and pollinate flowers, fruits and  vegetables.

Their bodies are made up of three parts:1) a head 2) a thorax 3)an abdomen .The head has five eyes and can see UV light. The thorax is brown and hairy and the abdomen has orange-yellow and black bands. They have three pairs of legs, feelers and two pairs of wings. The back legs have special”baskets” made of stiff hair, to carry pollen back to the hive.  They have a hard skeleton outside their bodies with holes for breathing.

Honey bees may sound sweet, but they have a sting to defend themselves which are quite painful! However, once they sting a human being, they die!!

Honey bees are smart and useful insects. They feed on pollen and nectar in flowers and pollinate the flowers so that new seeds are made. They use this nectar to make honeycombs and honey. These smart creatures use dances to tell other bees where to find food. Nectar and honey give their muscles energy to fly and to keep warm during winter.

Scientists have found out that honey bees are disappearing and dying!! I hope scientists discover how to help them so that we can have all our fruits and vegetables.                                                                             

Honey Bee Poem!


Little stripy creatures

Flitter and flutter by

From red roses to blue violets

And yellow sunflowers too

These are busy little honey bees

Out to drink sweet nector

Then they’ll make some sticky honey

For you and me to eat!

Just make sure you dont disturb them

They have a deadly sting

That will hurt you and me

But will kill the poor thing!

By: Tanya 6CB










December 10, 2009

Grasshoppers are light greenish. They like to jump if they want to move. Grasshoppers have antennae that are most always shorter than their own body. Grasshoppers are able to camouflage themselves when predators are around. They eat smaller insects and crops { Those are  called Locusts}. Grasshoppers can change colors and behavior. Grasshoppers have 6 different stages of development. Grasshoppers are very interesting animals because they almost always jump to places instead of walking.

The Grasshopper Poem

In the grass the Grasshopper stands,

Ready to pounce at its next victim.

As it is jumping the wind is howling,

And the grasshopper fights it.

The grasshopper ready as ever,

Ready to have its feast.

Drangonflies By:Vishuka

December 10, 2009

Dragonflies are types of insects that do not sting or harm humans. They have large eyes and wide, transparent strong wings. They are usually found around lakes, ponds, streams, and wetlands. Fish, turtles, frogs, ducks, herons and larger insects all like to eat dragonflies. Well –built adult dragonflies are experts in hunting and mostly eat other insects. Dragonflies often hunt for food in different sizes of groups when ants are available inTHIS IS A DRAGONFLY!!!! large numbers. Small ponds where the air is fresh, is where dragonflies prefer to stay.


Dragonflies are darting everywhere,

The flowers are blooming and the sky brightens up.

Dragonflies are here and there,

Sometimes high in the sky.

Sometimes near the water,

Sometimes buzzing around me.

They are my favorite

Because they don’t harm.

They are:



Not too small

Not too big

Just the right size.

I wish there were only dragonflies…

that harm no one.