World war II


This is a timeline of World War II

  • September 1939 world war II starts when German invaded Poland and other countries join in. There are two groups called Allies and Axis.
  • April 1940 Germany invaded Norway and Denmark to get iron ores.
  • May 1940 Germany invaded France.
  • June 1940 Italy invaded France and United kingdoms.
  • June 1941 The Axis invaded the Soviet Union ( A state ).
  • September 1943 Western Allies attacked Italy mainland.
  • April 1945 German gave up and Hitler committed suicide.
  • September 1945 ended world war II.



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2 Responses to “World war II”

  1. 17alexanderm Says:

    World war two’s change is that the atomic bomb was made and used. This changed the course of history because if we didn’t have World War Two then the planes we have now wouldn’t be here. The cause of World War two was Germany invading Poland. The perspective of Germany is ” Oh no we lost this is bad,” and the perspective of America is ” We beat them,”.

  2. 17yoshikazek Says:

    I think WW2 changed the history by upgrading technology but I also think it made an bad experience for the countries witch made countries feel to dislike war so it made peace. I think the perspective of Hitler was good but I think on every general of the war they never realized that it actually was no meaning to have a empire because I think they should have realized the real reason for having the war.

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