Queen Mary


Queen mary was alienatedfrom her father henry theVIII during thedivorce (it was not a divorce in the modern sense, but an annulment) from her mother. As her parents’ marriage was deemed null and void, Mary was then deemed illegitimate and thus deprived for a time of her status as an heir to the throne. This fueled her rage regarding her father’s break from the Roman Catholic Church, which had previously instructed him that he could not divorce from her mother. Mary felt that if her father, King Henry VIII, had obeyed the Roman Catholic Church, she would not be seen as “illegitimate, and her right to the throne would not have been questioned. This is the foundation upon which her loyalty to Rome was laid. By the time of King Henry VIII’s death, however, she had been restored as second in line to the throne, after her half-brother Edward, who was physically weak.

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  1. 17kirab Says:

    Hi Lily
    Nice work on Bloody Mary but next time maybe you should do another person because you did a lot of work on Bloody Mary already. If you still want to its ok but I was just saying.
    Nice Job!

  2. 17amritas Says:

    I thought Vishuka is supose to do Bloody Mary for Homework?

  3. 17amritas Says:

    o right

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