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A Person Who Have Changed the Thai History.

October 16, 2009

King Rama 5

King Chulalongkorn the Great was also known as Phra Chula Chomklao Chaoyuhua. He was born on September 20, 1853 in Bangkok Thailand. During his long reign (42 years) many important and useful things were achieved for our country. One of the major reforms, which would later prove to be deep-rooted and highly effective was to improve the Siamese educational system. At that time he was to Modernize Siam (Thailand) like many countries in Europe by Studying many technologies such as banking, public Transportation, military organization, museums, modern education, etc.

He saved Siam (Thailand) from the Colony-hunting empires. Another vision that became a great thing for all Thais is that he released slaves to freedom without casualties. Thai people also call him Pra Piya Maharaja which means “Our Beloved King”. He introduced the Baht (still in use Today) as the official currency and made taxes directly payable to the government, cutting out the corrupt middlemen.

King Chulalongkorn also set up Siam’s (Thailand) first hospital based on western medical practices. Thailand’s first railroad was opened in his reign in 1896 from Bangkok to Ayutthaya. He issued the law about clothing because when he went to Europe, he knew that people there wearing proper cloth. That is why he made up that law.

Why I Choose King Rama V ? I choose him because he really changed the Thai history and the people in his country. I am really appreciated of what he have done and have put his effort in for our beloved country Thailand. If we didn’t have him, Thailand wouldn’t be as modern as today and we won’t have the high technology equipments and the Thai baht used today in our daily lives. We have the transportation developing system like the first rail road in Thailand. I might become a slave like in the olden day if he didn’t release the slavery system. I might walk to school covering with just one small piece of cloth material if he didn’t issued the dressing law or I might have not school to go. I absolutely appreciate what he did for ours country. It was really useful.